The Monarch Project

Pollinator insects, including Monarchs, are drastically declining in numbers.  We are doing our part to help restore the population of these crucial pollinators.  Our goal is to raise 4 generations of Monarch butterflies in captivity.  These butterflies are then released for migration at a celebration in August.  Tagging info for monarchs we have already released is shown below.  More info and tracking can be found at monarchwatch.org/tagging


Free Milkweed Program


We are also committed to helping
others raise Monarchs by giving away free milkweed seeds.  These seeds are collected by volunteers from our very own milkweed plants.  To request a free packet of seeds, click the link below.  We will ship anywhere in the continental U.S.  One packet per household as quantities are  limited.  


AEEY479    Aug           28        2021         F        R             Aurora                      IL              60505           Kane
AEEY478    Aug           28        2021         M       R             Aurora                      IL              60505           Kane
AEEY477    Aug           28         2021        M       R             Aurora                       IL              60505          Kane
AEEY476    Aug           28         2021        F        R             Aurora                       IL              60505          Kane
AEEY475    Aug           31          2021        F         R            Aurora                       IL              60505          Kane
AEEY480   Aug           31          2021       M         R            Aurora                       IL              60505          Kane
AEEY481    Aug            31          2021       M        R             Aurora                      IL               60505          Kane