The Monarch Project

Coming Soon...

Pollinator insects, including Monarchs, are drastically declining in numbers.  We are doing our part to help restore the population of these crucial pollinators.  In 2021, we aim to raise 4 generations of Monarch butterflies in captivity.  These butterflies will then be released for migration at a celebration in October.  Stay tuned

for updates!


We are also committed to helping

others raise Monarchs by giving away

free milkweed seedlings.  They will be

varieties hardy to zone 5.  Pick-up

only, no shipping available for live plants.  Seedlings will be available through the 'Current inventory, pricing and availability' link on the homepage.  Free seed packets are also available!  To request a free packet of seeds, click the link below.  We will ship anywhere in the continental U.S.  One packet per household as quantities are  limited.  


Free Milkweed Program