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Charity Blooms and Gerald Subaru of North Aurora are partnering up for the month of March to raise money to 'Fund the Farm' for 2024.  What started in 2017 as a hobby has grown so big that we are now asking for your help to grow even bigger!  Our current resources have been used to their full potential.  In order to become more efficient and produce more vegetables for our community, we need to invest in our infrastructure.  Please help us to grow more food for those who need it most.

GAGR-0590 LOGO SUBARU NORTH AURORA (10)_edited.jpg
GAGR-0590 LOGO SUBARU NORTH AURORA (10)_edited.jpg


Charity Blooms is a 501c3 nonprofit community garden management company located in Aurora, IL.  We work with hundreds of volunteers every year to grow fresh vegetables for the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry.  We currently grow about 4000-5000 pounds of fresh vegetables, without the use of chemicals, with our current resources.  We believe we can significantly increase that amount with your help!


We have been struggling for years with minimal resources.  For example, our property is totally off the grid.  We don't have pressurized water or traditional power.  Our volunteers water our half acre farm with watering cans.  Most of our tools are purchased at local garage sales and thrift stores.  Our small greenhouse has broken doors and missing roof vents.  Our soil is severely nutrient deprived.


What we do have is a passion for gardening and the determination to provide our community with the best possible food we can grow.  Our community is always willing to lend a hand and get their hands dirty.   Group volunteer events keep us running all summer long.  We are so proud of what we have accomplished so far, but know we can do so much more.

This year, the amazing folks at the Gerald Subaru of North Aurora are giving us the opportunity to reach our full potential.  They will match. dollar for dollar, donations made during the month of March up to $5000.  Donations can be made through either paypal via the small yellow "Donate" button below or our GoFundMe fundraiser page.  100% of donations will go directly to improve our farm.  

Thank you for your consideration!

Robert (Rob) Vaughan


Charity Blooms, LLC

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GAGR-0590 LOGO SUBARU NORTH AURORA (10)_edited.jpg
GAGR-0590 LOGO SUBARU NORTH AURORA (10)_edited.jpg


Subaru of North Aurora


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