Charity Blooms has always been 

focused on the educational opportunities of everything we do.  Starting a 

non-profit business in farming has

been an incredible experience that we want to share with the future leaders.  We are no experts, but we are willing to share everything we have learned.  If you share a passion for what we do and want to learn more, please contact us.  We are currently recruiting for January 2022.

We are looking for 5 college students, regardless of year or major, that are interested in a hands-on experience running a non-profit business.  One of those students will be chosen to serve as a Board Member for a 1 year term as Secretary and will lead the committee.  Some responsibilities of the committee will include: events planning, volunteer management, marketing, budgeting and vegetable production.  Tell us a bit about yourself and what you can bring to our farm family.  Interviews will begin October 2021.