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Community Garden


Thanks for visiting!  Charity Blooms was founded in 2017 by 3 friends who wanted to help others by starting a non-profit farm.  Today, we manage multiple properties across Aurora.  Our goal  is to provide free, fresh produce to our community.  We have no paid staff or experience in agriculture.  Just a passion for helping others.


Robert- President

Rob has lived in Aurora for about 20 years.  He is one of the original founding members.  His background is in design and construction.  His crazy ideas and ability to embrace any obstacle have led to the quick growth and huge impact we have made in such a short time.

Eva- Vice President

Eva has lived in Aurora her whole life.  She is the 2nd of our founding members.  She is a retired Chemist.  She is the voice of reason within our group.  Eva often appears with lunch and treats for volunteers working at the Farm.


Joe- Board member/Secretary

Joe has also lived in Aurora his whole life.  He is a retired locomotive engineer.  He is a wealth of knowledge and always ready to help!  Joe is usually engaged in group events with local organizations.

Brad- Board Member/Treasurer/Asset Manager

Brad joined us in 2020.  Brads charismatic personality and dedication have been a welcome addition to the group.  He is very involved in daily operations and always brings vibrant, positive energy to everything we do.


harvest: 600 lbs     Volunteers: 13

harvest: 1858 lbs     Volunteers: 179
Placed in 5 categories at the Sandwich fair

harvest: 1529 lbs     Volunteers: 287

harvest: 3312 lbs      Volunteers: 128

harvest: 5170 lbs      Volunteers: 306

Placed in 23 categories at the Sandwich Fair

harvest: 3786 lbs      Volunteers: 214
Placed in 27 categories at the Sandwich Fair


harvest: 4600 lbs      Volunteers: 444


We currently own 8 chickens and 3 rabbits

We have no utilities at the Farm.  Water is provided by the fire department and electricity is provided by the sun.

We grow over 100 varieties including herbs, fruit and vegetables every year!

We were selected as GoFundMe Earth Day Heroes in April of 2024!  You can see the story here:

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