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at Marie's Urban Farm

Our Summer Cooking Series has become so popular we decided to give it a page of its own!  Below you will find basic information about our classes as well as the current schedule.




The Summer Cooking Series was such a big hit in 2021 that we have made it an annual program.  This year we will have multiple chefs from all backgrounds teaching culinary techniques and recipes.  The classes take place at Marie's Urban Farm located at 835 N. Highland in Aurora, IL. 

In the 'Hands-on' classes, the chef will first demonstrate the dish from start to finish.  Next, the students are able to pick their own ingredients from the farm. They will then replicate the dish under the chef's supervision.  There are 12 cooking stations where 24 students will cook in pairs.  All food and tools necessary are provided.  Students are not required to bring anything.  Students MUST reserve a cooking station for the 'Hands-On' classes 
on the form next to the Class Schedule below.  Thanks to a very generous grant from Conagra, classes are FREE and available on a first come first serve basis.    When reserving a cooking station, please select whether or not you are bringing a cooking partner to ensure we have enough food for everyone.  Guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before posted class start time.  A reminder of reservation with specific info about the class will be sent to students the day before the event.  

In the Demonstration style classes, the chef will prepare one or multiple dishes for an audience.  Attendees will not cook.  The class schedule is posted on the main Marie's Urban Farm page.
Reservations are not accepted for these classes.  All are welcome to attend.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the class.  These classes are also free and food samples are typically served.




Chef Drea is a full-time Chef at Sixty Four Wine Bar in Naperville.  This is her second season with us at the farm.  She brings a wonderful, farm-fresh, seasonal approach to all her dishes.  You will want to reserve the whole season after attending one of her classes.


Chef Connor is a Sous Chef at Sixty Four Wine Bar in Naperville.  Chef Connor brings a fine dining vibe and remarkable creativity to everything he prepares.  You will appreciate how he can make great cooking seem so easy.


May 30 6pm Chef Drea *fully reserved*

Crispy chicken breast with lemon herb butter and asparagus

June 9 11am Chef Eva

Strawberry preserves

June 12 6pm Chef Drea

Spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette, almonds and feta

June 23 11am Chef Drea

Spinach and bacon omelette

July 7 11am Chef Drea

Shrimp tacos

July 21 11am Chef Drea

Chicken Stir fry with peanut butter soy sauce

July 28 11am Chef Connor

*private event*

Aug 7 6pm Chef Drea

Poblano cream pasta with garlic bread

Sept 15 11am Chef Drea

Potato leek soup with a twist

Oct 2 6pm Chef Drea

Red pepper, tomato and sausage pasta

Oct 26 11am-1pm Fall Fest

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Participants acknowledge that this is an outdoor class environment.  There may be factors that impact the class beyond our control.  Classes are FREE, but we do encourage you to tip our chef if you enjoyed your class.  Pictures and video may be taken for promotional purposes during the class. 

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